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Do your own Swimwear line with our experience from more than 10 years at the market.

  1. Professional of develop Swimwear line

I´m Victoria Schuch, owner of Veesh Brasil.

I´ve been working with beachwear a long time, more than 10 years.

First I worked to other companys, then I created my brand (VEESH BRASIL), and now I´m applying my experience and know-how to other companys. We have some costumers in some parts of the world .

  The Veesh Brasil is an exclusive Brazilian Swimwear brand, designed for woman who appreciate beauty, quality, and people who has a light style of living. Our products are made with love and we support the slow-fashion way to produce clothes.

We believe that all people who work with us must be satisfied and happy with your works.
We manufacturer on demand bikinis, and other clothes for going to the beach or enjoying the pool.      


We have 10+ experiencie manufacturing Swimwear.

            Our bikinis are made with high quality materials and our production is 100% made in Brazil. We work with differents types of fabrics because we belive that each brand are unique and has your own personality, so we look the fabric according to each costumer. The most used fabrics are made with Polyamide and Polyester, and we often use the Amni® Soul Eco, fabric with CO2 control made with biodegradable polyamide.

            We can produce Swimwear for your brand - We offer all the service to production of Swimwear. You can send your styles  or images and  we develop from beggining to the end, including pattern -making to create a new design.

Also  we offer Custom made Collection or pieces based in our styles. We have a wide Catalogue of pieces to make available from you.

  And more we can help you to develop exclusive prints and create collections  uniques.

 We are here to help you to start your own swimwear brand!

Please contact us to know more, we will be very happy to work with you. It’s never been easier to manufacture an on-trend quality swimwear collection.

Let´s talk now :


More about us at images below.  

Do your swimwear line

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